The Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia

An abundantly illustrated and well-researched work from renowned scholar and martial arts teacher Donn F. Draeger- this classic provides a comprehensive introduction to the sophisticated forms of empty-hand combat and myriad unique weapons which characterize Indonesian fighting styles. Draeger shows how the forms are related to their mainland cousins, provides historical context for their development, and describes the combat methods of Menangkabau warriors, Alefuru headhunters, and the Celates pirates. With over 400 illustrations, this book is an indispensable addition in any martial artist's library.

About the Author
Donn F. Draeger was one of the world's leading authorities on the weapons and fighting arts of Asia. Licensed and recognized in Japan as a teacher of multiple martial arts, he wrote profusely on the subject. He is the author of Shaolin Lohan Kung-fu, Judo: Formal Techniques, and the six-volume Practical Karate series (available from Tuttle).

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This book was out of print for years and thankfully it has been reprinted. If you have any interest in SE Asian martial arts this book is essential reading. It is very wordy and does not, by its own admission, cover all of Indonesia, but it is very thorough and covers so much more than just the Tjimande and Harimau based styles that we see in the west. The chapters are by island and are broken up into sections on silat, kuntao and any other odds and ends. There are some wonderful black and white photos. The style is a little dated but there is no other book of its kind in existence.

This is the best book of it's type.this book is the most in-depth book on the Indonesian fighting arts I have seen.it's an excellent source for the armed/un-armed fighting arts of this region,as well as a resource for the history and culture/anthropology of Indonesia.some of the descriptions of the people in this book are rather outdated and ideo-syncratic. there are tons of photos and illustrations in this book.there are also great descriptions of how some of these things are made such as boobie traps,poisons,clubs with fish bone edges,etc. if you are an avid collector,beginning collector(especially),practicioner,or someone with an interest in the country and people of this region this is a must.

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Pencak Silat or Silat is a martial art originating from Southeast Asia. This martial art is widely known in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, the southern Philippines and southern Thailand in accordance with the spread of ethnic Malay archipelago. Pencak silat in the parent organization is the Association of Pencak Silat Indonesia Indonesia (IPSI). Organizations that embody martial arts federations in various countries is Pencak Silat Guild Between Nations (Persilat), formed by Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.