New Balance Trainer Stopwatch

Product Features

    Daily Alarm
    LCD Display
    Used For: Sports Games, Fitness Training, Walking, Jogging
    Display Indicators: Stopwatch, Clock

Product Description

This stopwatch features a resolution of 1/100 second for accurately measuring elapsed time and splits. A daily alarm offers added convenience.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

I made the mistake of buying this product twice because the first time it stopped working after several weeks. I thought that it stopped working because it somehow got jostled by something in my gym bag and broke, but not so. After I bought it the second time, I kept it on my desk when it wasn't in use, and one day a few short weeks later, it just flat out died. I could have sworn that we as a civilization had mastered stopwatch technology by now. Save the money and find a stopwatch at a dollar store.

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