R-O2 Recreational Canned Oxygen 2 Pak

Price:     $29.90 ($14.95 / Item)

Product Features

    Portable oxygen reduces effects from altitude sickness and hangovers
    Improves sports performance especially at altitude
    Has 90-95% Oxygen
    7.5 Liters content

Product Description

Canned oxygen works best when you really need it, which is why sometimes the reviews will be mixed with it working for some but not others. I first got interested in canned oxygen having suffered from altitude sickness for years. I live in Durango at 6,500 feet and have acclimated to that elevation (unless I have been at sea level for a week, then I need to re-acclimatize). I still need a way to mitigate altitude sickness effects when I go up to 8,500 feet or 10,000 feet which is very common here in Colorado for hiking, other sports, and traveling over the mountain passes. I found the canned oxygen invaluable when going to higher altitudes. Symptoms of headaches and nausea go away with just a few breaths of oxygen of out of the mask provided with the can.

Other uses are to reduce the effects of hangovers, improve sports activity especially at altitude, restores energy levels from physical activity, helps reduce drossiness or sleepiness from driving, and sharpens mental capacity (short term). Using canned oxygen to improve bicycling performance at altitude is not banned by professional bicycling organizations. Altitude Relief is the RO2 canned oxygen distributor in the four corners area. RO2 is a Montrose, CO based company. Directions Remove clear plastic wrap, take off face mask and attach to can, exhale before putting mask to face, spray one or two times on the inhale. Repeat as desired. Test what works for you on how much you need to feel better. For some it is only a few sprays for others they may need more depending on how depleted they are. Consult your health care professional before taking if you have a major health issue.

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Product description

Oxygen Plus O+ Elevate Pack • The perfect starter kit, the O+ Elevate Pack includes one (1) reusable O-Stick dispensing shell with an “easy-pull” lever that’s activated by your thumb and two (2) starter O+ Refill canisters, providing 100+ breaths (6.84L) per pack. • Each O+ Refill canister contains more than 50 breaths (3.42L) of pure recreational oxygen for natural energy and recovery. • Ideal for work, home or play, including activities such as Pilates and yoga. • How to use: Press the activation button as you breath. Inhale 3 to 5 breaths — or as much as you need — for energy and recovery. • How to refill: The O-Stick is so easy to reload, it's just like changing batteries in a flashlight. When the O+ Refill canister is depleted, simply load a fresh refill into the O-Stick. • The O+ Elevate Pack is 8.5 inches tall, 1.75 inches in diameter and weighs 226 grams. • Designed, quality-controlled and filled in the U.S.A., O+ Refills are recyclable and made from recyclable aluminum. • Additional O+ Refills are available in a 3-pack, 6-pack and 54-count (bulk)..

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