Pencak Silat 5 Experts - 5 Styles Vol.1: Be a Great Warrior (2013)

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For the first time world-wide, one DVD presents five masters derived from five great Pencak Silat styles. You will learn all the techniques that will transform you into a great warrior as each master shows you how to shoot back at the same attack (punch, kick, catch, strangulation and real situation attack) according to their very own style. This martial art is not only a means to develop your own body and to defend yourself efficiently but it is also a means of access to mental toughness to control your feelings and thus your life.

The instructors: Syofyan Nadar from Bayang's style; Yayan Ruhian from P.S.T.D's style; Cecep Arif Rahman from Panglipur's style; Kustiwa Gunawan from Ciung Wanara's style; Ni Luh Putu Spyanawati from Bakti Negara's style.

Languages: English - French - Spanish - German - Indonesian
Extra features: Interview - Performance - Photo Gallery - Trailers.

Pk Haji Syofyan Nadar is, actually, one of the best master in Minangkabau Silek and renowed for his knowledge in Harimau, Bayang and Sunua styles. A real virtuoso in locks art (Kuncian), in this DVD, he presents the first 10 Kuncian (From 10 differents styles) from a serie of 20. With the goal of better understanding of this Kuncian, Pk Haji Syofyan Nadar will also show you some forms (Jurus Balabek) from Sunua and Harimau. With the help of his 2 sons and 2 assistants, Pk Haji offers to you the ability to learn deadly techniques with or without weapons. In Bonus, you'll have the chance to watch, and this is unique in video, Pk Haji and an other Pencak Silat great master: Kang Cecep A. Rahman, in an exercice where each of the player should try to block the other

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Pencak Silat or Silat is a martial art originating from Southeast Asia. This martial art is widely known in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, the southern Philippines and southern Thailand in accordance with the spread of ethnic Malay archipelago. Pencak silat in the parent organization is the Association of Pencak Silat Indonesia Indonesia (IPSI). Organizations that embody martial arts federations in various countries is Pencak Silat Guild Between Nations (Persilat), formed by Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.