Century Middleweight Traditional Drawstring Pants

  • 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester
  • The finest Poly/Cotton twill blend for easy care.
  • Reinforced double stitched flat seams for extra strength.
  • Three piece gusset in pant for strength.
  • Elastic drawstring waist.

Product description
The goal of Century is to provide our customers with not only the finest in Martial Art equipment but the resources to help you get the most out of your Martial Arts training.

Top positive review

These size-1 white pants made in China have a generous cut and are comfortable for mat work. Laid flat, the unstretched width of the waist is 11½ in., reaching 16½ in. when fully stretched. The crotch is a 3-piece gusset with two lateral triangular inseams that allow leg movements without worrying about rips. They are longer than the usual dogi pants available online. I bought them primarily for this reason because the size-1 taekwando pants of the dobok of my tall, 7 y.o. daughter (4'6") had become too short for her and the next size would be too wide. The sizing guide values are valid for the pants we received. Before hemming the pants, they were washed in very hot water and were tumbled in a high heat for the initial sizing -- at this stage, the outseam measured 30½ in. There is a small rectangular (ca. 2 x ¾ in.) black tag with the brand name in discreet grey letters sewn on the outside of the left leg; seems easily removable, if this were needed.

The manufacturer's label has instructions for normal washing written in a clear English (as well as an acceptable French and an unusual Spanish, which are not fully coherent in all three languages). Chlorine bleaching is to be avoided, but other bleaches may be used for the white fabric pants. For us, a simple cold-water washing and low-heat tumbling provide a simple and convenient wash-and-go without worries of shrinkage or wrinkles..

I like the fabric. The Amazon page describes it as 55% cotton / 45% polyester, but the manufacturer's label indicates 60% cotton / 40% polyester . Although the weight (likely 6 oz) is not given, the fabric is rather comparable to that of modern karategi, has a strong double stitching, and absorbs sweat well (in a pinch, the pants could even be used as the zubon for a judogi). Despite the intensive wear my daughter had been putting them through to achieve a black-belt promotion, the fabric has held perfectly well with all the seams intact. A small drawback is the poor quality of the waist drawstring -- despite being kept in a permanently fixed length by a knot, its ends began to unravel in a few months

These pants are thicker and slightly wider at the cuffs than her old pants (which were the usual poly-cotton dobok pants one finds in the US). These characteristics lead to an audible snap when kicks are done with both good speed and strength, providing a great audio feedback to improve performance, a feedback that is more difficult to get with fabrics made mostly with polyester.

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