MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer, Water Resistant

  • LARGE DISPLAY - Displays minutes, seconds & 1/100th seconds
  • SPLIT MODE - Times single and split events. Freeze split-time display while total timing continues.
  • TIME & CALENDAR - Displays hour, minute, second, month, day and date with alarm feature.
  • LASER TUNED - Laser tuning ensures 1/100th second accuracy.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Includes 46" black lanyard (neck strap). Water, Dust and Shock resistant.

Product description

The ADANAC 3000 Digital Stopwatch is water and dust resistant, comes with a 46’’ nylon lanyard (neck strap) and is jam packed with features. It is laser tuned for 1/100th second accuracy. This stopwatch times 1/100th second for 30 minutes, then 1 second increments up to 24 hours. It can time single and split events, with split-mode timing to freeze the split-time display while total timing continues. It also features time and calendar with alarm. There are separate start-stop and reset buttons, it is durable, compact and easy to use. This is the perfect stopwatch for any Phys-Ed teacher or coach.

Customer Reviews

Great stopwatch!
I was looking for an accurate stopwatch that beeps and is a reasonable priced. That was hard to find. I found it in this stopwatch. The buttons have a positive feel, but you also get the beep to know when you hit the buttons. That's important for me as a motorcycle safety instructor who must time while watching techniques during testing. The sizing is perfect for my female hands. Granted, my hands are not small for a female. I haven't used it in rain yet, so I can't comment on that factor. Great purchase!

Great value stopwatch that's one of the easiest to use
This is a high quality stop watch and an unbelievable value for the price. My husband is a personal trainer and uses this constantly every day while he's at work to keep clients on track and time their workouts. The buttons are perfectly placed and easy to use....no need to read an entire manual or spend hours trying to figure out how all the features work. This is very intuitive and easy to use with all the features of stopwatches ten times more expensive.

Highly recommended
I purchased this for our recent Pickleball tournament for our refs. to use. I found these extremely easy to set up and use. They were in use for timing game time outs and time to start the game. For the three days they were in use for 8hrs a day and worked with out incident. The only issue I have is there are 6 jeweler type screws you need to remove to replace the battery. As of now I haven't unscrewed the units to replace the battery. I will update once this is necessary. Our club is planning on purchasing 10 more of these for our upcoming tournament in April.

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